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Doors for furniture

Quality, resistance and the best finish: Brasmacol has it! We manufacture doors for all types of furniture and environments, with various composition possibilities: glass, mirror, screens or MDF wrapped with and without crossbars. Do you want to innovate the design of your collection and enhance your furniture? Brasmacol has the best solution for you.


What is Shaker style?

It is a very popular Design style in the United States and England, which starts from the concepts of perfection, purity, order, simplicity, durability, functionality and usefulness. As a result, the furniture of this style gains a minimalist aesthetic. Shaker-style furniture doors are 90-degree assembled doors, with or without crossbars, widespread and known worldwide.

What makes up the 5-piece door?

As the name says, they are doors composed of 5 pieces in wrapped MDF, these being: four moldings for the frame and the core.

What are the details of doors with glass or mirror?

These doors are different because they are assembled with a frame in 45 degree cut moldings, which surround the glass or mirror instead of just being glued on top of doors made of plates.

What special projects can be done?

Special projects can be ideas that go beyond the versions of common doors, and should be discussed with the commercial team to verify the possibilities with the development sector.

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